Don’t be off with the old love until you are on with the new. This might very well be said to a guide, who asks if he may go when the village to which he is guiding you is reached : meaning, " I can’t let you go until I get another guide, for otherwise I may be left without any one at all,"


He who asks does not go wrong, but his secret is dug up.

The first part of this proverb is very commonly used by itself with the meaning, " Always ask if you are in doubt."

The meaning, as it stands, is — before you ask for information be quite sure that it will not give away your object, i.e. if you wish to conceal it.

"Hausa proverbs"

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The unexpected happens.

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Every time we visited, my grandmother gave
us scraps. “For the dogs,” she’d say.
Staying in love; knowing how to save,
make a little go a long way.


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After the carriage is broken, many offer themselves to shew the road.

"Turkish Proverbs"

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I need not shout my faith. Thrice eloquent
Are quiet trees and the green listening sod;
Hushed are the stars, whose power is never spent;
The hills are mute: yet how they speak of God!

Charles Hanson Towne

1877-1949, written in 1902

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It it not necessary to bake bazaar-bread. People usually make their own. Bake your own bread and not other people’s.

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Noel Rowe

There was a time too when, expecting stones, a crowd
got instead some bread and fish. I heard a thief steal
his way back to paradise. The structure of the real
is mercy. Having seen so many reversals,
I should have known he would test his muscles
on  the stone, and walk away from the dazed
grave, leaving its mouth open and amazed.

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go out under the dark trees to where the boat lies waiting by the rock

DAVID BROOKS – Australia


Kavala karakarala mhanuna piriipala marata nahi

The Pimpal tree does not die because the crow cawed.

The Pimpal is a sacred tree. Good men are not disturbed if a base person speak against them.

"Marathi proverbs"

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