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  1. Not sure if this site is up-to date, But Bob passed away last week. The most up-to-date information I have found has been on Facebook.

  2. Is Bob earl alive and if he isnt , where and when did he die. Did he die sober. Who is the executor of his literary estate? Where is his daughter at? He had a writing buddy who was inprogram, where is he?

  3. Bob Earle has meant a great deal to me in my recovery of 42 years. Have listened to his recorded talks many times and still find much faith, hope and love. I hope wherever he is that he has love and peace. He has helped so many.

  4. Hello.. Please help. Like the same for many thousand people, Bobby Earll was a HEEE-UGE influence in my recovery. BUT. For years now whenever the name Bobby Earll comes up at meetings no one has an answer as to his whereabouts. Last known word was he was in a car accident and then living in an assisted care facility in Reno. There’s thousands of people in the Southern CA. area who would benefit, if only for having some closure, on knowing where he is. Even if it’s (sadly) a grave site that we might make a pilgrimage too. I ask only because your website has several of his recordings thus I am hoping you might know more. Please help. And thank you so much in advance for your time and kindly consideration. Marc Whittemore, Los Angeles, CA

      1. 4/18/2015 — Yes.. I found him. Well. Kind of. News of him anyways. He’s living in Nevada and from what I understand he has suffered some seriously declining health in the past few months. I talked to a friend of his who is in regular contact with him who said he’s in and out of the hospital. I am going to get an address of his friend that I can send a message to Bobby thanking him for all he’s given us/me. I will not post that address. However if people want to send me their note of gratitude I will gladly include it with mine — it in one big envelop to send. Time is of the essence as I will probably send my letter within a couple weeks of the posted date above.

      2. Yes by all means. People can send me their messages for 1 week, then by Monday the 27th of April I need to have your guarantee that my address will be scrubbed off the post.

        Bobby Earll c/o Marc Whittemore
        8367 Blackburn Ave #1
        Los Angeles, CA 90048

        Friday May 1st I will send whatever messages collected in one envelope.
        Let the letter writing begin!

      3. Will do but I ask that you prod me should I forget as I am still recovering from a major illness and getting my wits back together. Are you sure you would not prefer emails or comments posted on the site ? ( one reason Bob has been on my mind is that after my man’s sudden death and then a month long come for me in sep 2014, I have been listening to him as I did when I got clean and sober 27 years ago. Specially the Step 3 stuff. So do Nudge should I forget. Thanks for this Marc.

    1. Just heard Bob E. Speak at the international convention in Atlanta. He was speaking at the Atlanta Tabernacle…. What a fabulous message… Grateful I got to hear his message!


      1. That would be a wonderful experience. From a small town at the other end of the world – thanks for sharing that. It has brightened my rather isolated day.

    2. He is still alive, very disabled & living in sheltered accommodation in Reno. He does not want anyone to contact him

      1. Yes…that’s somewhat the info I got thanks. I’ve been in touch with his friend / power of attorney Jim –who it turns out I had already met one time awhile back as Jim comes to Beverly Hills meeting once in a great while.

      2. Is Bob earl still alive? Is he open to correspondence? Has anyone gathered his papers – his archives? Is his daughter still in LA or did she move. Is there any talk of a book Abt him?

  5. Bob Earle was a major factor in my early sobriety which started Jan 1983. I first heard him on tape in a treatment center, and that motivated me to commit to a sober way of life. Then a year later, when I heard he was coming to Austin, I quit smoking, because I knew I would be way too uncomfortable listening to him live while still being a smoker. So, my 31 years sober and 30 years smoke free are both in large part due to Bob’s message. Over the years I have heard many AA members criticize Bob. Funny that most of them are/were smokers. In my opinion, nicotine is an addictive substance with life threatening implications. Becoming nicotine free is a normal and necessary part of recovery.

    1. Well said, Bob. Same for me. First hear him in 1987 and still recall his messages when I thinking about things. I often throw little parts of his tapes into conversations with new people. Yrs/ Nellibell.

  6. I LOVE Bob Earle. I sobered up to Bob Earle 29 years ago. His stories are real, down to earth, inspiring, and hysterical. He knows how to entertain us while getting his point across.

  7. Just want to say, I like the ad for Irish whiskey on your AA site. I cannot wait to visit my eating disorder site to watch the ads for McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts. Keeps me comin’ back.

    1. Thanks Paul for letting me know. WordPress doesn’t show me what ads they post. They just infiltrate. I didn’t realise they had a whiskey one on there. Not sure what to do about it because I can’t afford the paid sites but it shows how insidious the drinking and other advertising is. Feel very free to write a comment under any ad you spot. WordPress – that sux !

    2. Yep, temptation is everywhere! There are also bars and beer and whiskey signs here and there as I drive down the street and beer displays in grocery and convenience stores where I buy gas to get to AA meetings. And we have to learn to deal with it and stay sober. I actually like the idea that Irish Whiskey is paying for my access to some AA recovery materials because I sure paid out alot of money to fund companies that make alcohol.

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