A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures.

Goanna like to sleep
In the sandy ground,
In a soft warm hole
Just a little way down.

Crows like to sleep
Near the starry sky,
By a big bird’s nest
That’s way up high.

I like to sleep
In a cosy bed,
With a blanket for my feet
And a pillow for my head.

Jill McDougall & Jenny Taylor, Anna the Goanna and other poems (Aboriginal Studies Press 2000)

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Goodnight Poem by Mykaela Maxino:
Touch your heart,
Close your eyes.
Make a wish,
Say goodnight.

Read more: http://www.gadel.info/2011/06/goodnight-poems-and-goodnight-quotes.html#ixzz2mrRYxoax

10 thoughts on “A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures.”

      1. Lynne this poem was written by my best friend who has just passed

        Dear World

        Speak to me dear world,
        of all the sweet moments that are alive, right now…
        the indescribable sweet moments, when amassed together
        can drown out the unrest, the anger and the dis-ease
        that are paraded in front of us to believe
        that this is all there is.

        Speak to me dear world,
        Of all the sweet moments, tender, beautiful moments,
        That are desperately wanting our attention,
        Wanting us to be still, watch, listen, feel.
        We can then be lifted, elevated to such joy
        We could never imagine.

        Speak to us dear world,
        Of the kindness shown, the lifting up of those that have fallen,
        The gentle soothing words and deeds that are given.
        These join together creating music that is sublime
        Creating harmonies that can bring us to tears.

        Show me dear world, how to turn up the volume of what’s good.
        To seek out the sweet moments, rejoice in them, help them grow
        and flourish. May I keep listening dear world….

        Written by Juni

      2. Mmmmm, YES why not, my only worry that someone may make it their own and use it to their advantage. I am sure if Juni were here to ask, she would say YES. It is a wonderful insight into our sorrowful world , more than that into Juni. I can hear her say Yes, Yes, Yes,

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