A man should avoid these six evils: lust, anger, avarice pleasure, pride, and rashness, for free of these he may be happy. (Sanskrit).


I Came to buy a smile—today—
But just a single smile—
The smallest one upon your face
Will suit me just as well—
The one that no one else would miss
It shone so very small—
I’m pleading at the “counter”—sir—
Could you afford to sell—

Emily Dickinson

Husband and wife in perfect accord are the music of the harp and lute. (Chinese)


It’s hard to keep from trying to control the lives of others, especially in a family. We can learn from the man whose friend drove twenty miles to and from work on the freeway every day. “How can you do it?” he asked. “I’ve tried, and I can’t go a mile in such traffic without screaming at the crazy drivers who cut in, go too slow, change lanes. Nobody listens. I’d lose my mind if I had to do it your way.” His friend replied, “Your trouble is trying to drive every car around you. I relax and drive only one car–my own.”

“If you can not arrive in daylight, then stand off well clear, and wait until dawn. After all, that’s one of the things God made boats for- to wait in.” Tristan Jones


As the boat sometimes carries the cart across the 
stream and the cart sometimes transports the 
boat to the river bank, so men are subject to 
reverses in fortune; sometimes they are rich and 
support others and sometimes they are poor and 
become dependent on the help of others.