“Blood, sweat and respect. The first two you give. The last you earn. Give it. Earn it.” The Rock

1 1 1 HowToWrestle_0063

“16 Steps”

1. Never underestimate your opponent.

2. Work on your weaknesses until they become your strong points.

3. Remember that a great effort is usually the result of a great attitude.

4. Dedicate yourself to a might purpose.

5. Win with humility, lose with grace.

6. Ignore those who discourage you.

7. Work to improve your moral and spiritual strengths as well as your physical ones.

8. Remember that how you conduct yourself off the field is as important as how you conduct yourself on the field.

9. Talent is God given- be humble. Fame is man given- be thankful. Conceit is self given- be careful.

10. Don’t as to be deprived of tension and discipline- these are the tools that shape success.

11. Do what has to be done, when it has to be done, and as well as it can be done.

12. Remember that when you’re not working to improve, your competition is.

13. Always give your best.

14. Practice like a champion.

15. Play like a champion.

16. Live like a champion


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