HAIRY MAN. During the past few weeks the residents of the ‘Bar’ have been disturbed from their slumbers by noi ses, resembling at times a person choking, and at others a woman screaming and then crying. These strange cries remained a mystery till Thursday last, when at about 5 p. m. they were again heard, and shortly afterwards several persons re siding in the locality were astonished to see a peculiar animal, five feet high, standing on his two legs, and at the same time brushing away with his claw-like hands the long unkempt looking hair from his eyes. The ani mal is covered with long white hair and when seen was uttering the cries which have been disturbing the peace of the neighbourhood. The hairy man, or whatever he is, was only seen for a minute, and disappeared as suddenly as he came in sight.

0 0 0 AndrewLang1908TheCrimsonFairyBook_0040

At Hargraves, whilst two youths named
Somerfield and Lue were lopping kurra
jong for cattle they heard a peculiar noise,
and looking upwards, saw what they de
scribe as a hairy man sitting on a rock
staring at them. Taking fright, they ran,
and were pursued by the stranger. In his
efforts to escape Lue fell into the river,
being nearly drowned before Somerfield
rescued him. They continued their flight
towards home. Mrs Albert Brennan, hearing
their cries, hastened to render assistance.
The strange man still approached with a
lumbering gait, and she hastened into the
house, closing and barring the door. The
stranger followed, and reaching the door
scratched and fumbled about for a considerable
time, and then slowly retreated
towards the hills. Mrs. Brennan confirmed
the boys’ statements regarding his
appearance, stating that the stranger had
long black hair. A search party afterwards


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