witches, like beekeepers and big gorillas, went where they liked. Terry Pratchett.

2 keepsakepictureb00londiala_0131

Oh to be free like a chimpanzee,
Swinging away, up in the trees.
Or to be the prettiest in the land,
Like the bright orange Orangutan.

The fierce gorilla, so very strong,
Can’t swing in trees, for very long.
And only his mother loves his face,
Thats why he stays, in his own place.

Deep in the jungle, munching on roots,
Dark green leaves, and bamboo shoots.
With a face only his mother adores,
Pounding his chest, and running on all fours.

He’s not handsome, like the orangutan,
And the chimpanzee, he cannot stand.
On the jungle floor he does his thing,
He may be ugly, but he’s the king.

8/17/10 Alton Texas

Juan Olivarez

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