Les grands voleurs pendent les petits

  • Men are like fish, the big ones devour the small.
  • “A weak person/group/community/country can be an easy prey to an immoral, powerful one.”
  • Strauss, Emanuel (1994)

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Anglers have a way of romanticizing their battles with Fish and of forgetting that the Fish has a hook in his mouth, his gullet, or his belly and that his gameness is really an extreme of panic in which he runs, leaps, and pulls to get away until he dies. It would seem to be enough advantage to the angler that the Fish has the hook in his mouth rather than the angler.

Ernest Hemingway, introduction to S. Kip Farrington Jr., Atlantic Game Fishing (1937)
Read more at http://quotes.yourdictionary.com/fish#UR7YSJzoqGJ6roFt.99

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