However long the night, the dawn will break. African.


The Beauty of Life


I had not dreamed that life could be so fair,

Until you kissed its meaning into me,

And sent my soul along its airy lea

To find a sudden beauty everywhere.

Make me a couch of grass, Love, green and rare,

A pansy-pillow, filled with rosemary;

And be your face the only light I see

Through the dark curtain of my falling hair!

So shall the wandering winds that come our way

Pause as they pass and tiptoe overhead,

Fearing to stir the stream of dewy sleep

That loops our lives and holds our souls in sway;

And if Death comes with sad and pensive tread

We shall not hear the tears his angels weep.


Zora Cross

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” – Julia Child


“People have seized upon that because of this madness for the apocalypse,” said Steiger. “People want it to happen. They say, ‘It’s so damned bad here now, I want the gods to come, I want the aliens to come and just wipe it out and start over again.’

“I don’t see an apocalypse or the end of the world,” Steiger added. “I see that we’re coming to a cycle of change with the zombie as a metaphor of the raising of the dead. We say it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. It’s so ingrained in our unconscious.”

Hopefully, it won’t become a human-eat-human world out there.

Lee Speigel


Ephesians 6:13 Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.


This is potent stuff, and it has the same big catch that creating lasting change does: duration. Making something permanent from nothing is impossible; the magic maintaining the thing will naturallydecay as time passes, and dawn and dusk are important thresholds in the day that sap the strength of ongoing magical effects. Eventually, unless the caster spends time, effort, and energy to refresh the magic frequently, the spell will wear off and the conjured thing will go away. So, the armour vanishes, the sated guest becomes suddenly hungry again, the pile of gold melts away, and so on.

But if you really need a rope for a few minutes, or a plank across a chasm for thirty seconds, or an impressive mansion for the evening, this can do it for you.

Thaumaturgy, or How to Break the Rules: Magic in DFRPG, Part Three

Don’t Do your dash – Reach your limit especially with regard to gambling.


Cup Couplets by C.J. Dennis

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Here is a motto to hold and hug:
“There is but one Cup, but many a mug.”
It was never a trait of the human race
To allow but horse to “go the pace.”
It’s many to thirst and few to sup,
And the rest to drain the dregs of the Cup.
This is a rule of a Cup day revel:
Dine with the gods and sup with the devil.
It’s a Cup brimful of the red, red wine,
And a lucky one and a thirsty nine.
And this is the rule when a winner sups:
He is in on the Cup and on in his cups.
When the woman is slow and the horse is fast,
We may go a pace that is like to last.
When the woman is fast and the horse also,
It doesn’t much matter what pace we go.
When the woman is fast and the horse is dead,
There’s the devil to pay and an aching head.
But, fast or slow, if you play the game
To the end, the end it is just the same.
And these be the sayings of Smug the Saint;
You guess he has lost, but I wot he ain’t.
First published in The Gadfly, 6 November 1907

Put a stout heart to a steep hill.


Give a thief enough rope and he’ll hang himself.

If you give a bad person enough opportunity he will bring about his own downfall.

There is a play on words in the proverb, for ‘rope’ has tow meanings: (a) a length of stout cordage as used for hanging, which was a penalty of theft in olden days; and (b) liberty of action. We can appreciate the second meaning when we consider a tethered goat, which a long rope allows to feed on a larger area of grass than does a short one, Hence we can reword the old proverb thus: ‘Give a thief enough chances to steal and he will become so overconfident that he will get himself into jail.’


“Anatol Spencer: Let’s not kiss any more, dear, until after breakfast.

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Anatol Spencer: Let me take you away from all this rotten, hypocritical crowd! Let’s go to some clean, sweet place in the Country where people are honest and decent – and find ourselves again!

Vivian Spencer: I’ll go with you to the country, Tony, if I can be sure there’ll be milk – but no *milk-maids*!