“Oh, give me my own home – its care – lessness

“Oh, give me my own home-its care-
Its prodigal wild wealth of fruit and
The, spell of its indifferent caress,
Its scarlet banksia or hibiscus
Give me the bougainvillea embrace,
Its stinging trees, its orchids poised
for flight;
The filmy green of the wild cedar lace
Seen through the sleeves of wattle
silver bright.
Zora Cross.


13522824_10153751794831342_5261593367655690275_o (1)

Hibiscus Flowers where ever I look,
Reds and blues and the pretty white,
Freshly taken from a picture book,
They fill me with great delight.
Indoor Hibiscus Flowers delicate yellow,
Potted plants in my snug flat,
Great beauty that turns me mellow,
To all Gardeners I take off my hat.
The hibiscus is a flower to please,
Grown in a warm and temperate clime.
Reds, blues and whites do tease,
With glowing colours so sublime.


Bernard Shaw

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