For there is no friend like a sisterIn calm or stormy weather; To cheer one on the tedious way, To fetch one if one goes astray,To lift one if one totters down, To strengthen whilst one stands . Christina Rossetti, Goblin Market and Other Poems

 Back in time it seemed that having a sister were a tragedy. Instead it is one of the best presents my parents could have ever given me.

Sara Anzellotti, An Unexpected Proposal


Every seashell has a story.

“More than anything, he wanted to return to the house with the same look of peace that he’d seen on Pastor Harris’s face, but he trudged through the sand, he couldn’t help feeling like an amateur, someone searching for God’s truths like a child searching for seashells.”

Nicholas Sparks, The Last Song

“The grace of God comes swiftly to the soul when endurance is no longer possible.”

St. Dorotheos of Gaza

Discourses and Sayings; Cistercian Publications

“Living in a monastery, even as a guest rather than a monk, you have more opportunities than you might have elsewhere to see the world as it is, instead of through the shadow that you cast upon it.”

Dean Koontz, Brother Odd