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And praise is precious to a man, though uttered by the parrot or the mocking-bird.

"Tupper’s Proverbial philosophy: a book of thoughts and arguments"

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Two birds disputed about a kernel, when a third swooped down and carried it off.
Proverb from the Congo.


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If the fish caught on the hook longs to wriggle off it, will (the fishermen) let it go?

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When I entered the home, the smell disappeared. A Mahomedan young man whose father sold salt fish, married the daughter of a dealer in sweet perfumes, and after the wedding the girl came to her father-in-law’s home to live with her husband. At first she could not bear the smell of the fish, but after a while she became used to the odour and ceased to perceive it and was conceited enough to suppose that her pre- sence had driven it away. The meaning of the proverb is, that those who live in an atmosphere of sin become blind to the disgrace of sin.

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