I thought of what you’d written in faint ink, Your journal with the sawn-off lock, that stayed behind With other things you left, all without use

Five Bells
Ken Slessor


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“Hui Tzu said to Chuang Tzu:  “I have a big stinktree in my garden.   The trunk is so bent and knotty that nobody can get a good straight plank out of it.  The branches are so crooked you can’t cut them up in any way that makes sense.  There it stands beside the road and no carpenter will even look at it.   Such is your teaching, Chuang – big and useless.”
Chuang Tzu replied: “Have you ever watched the wildcat crouching, watching its prey?   This way it leaps, and that way,
high and low, and at last – it lands in the trap.  Have you ever seen the yak?   It is great as a thundercloud, standing in his might.
Big?  Sure.  But, he can’t catch mice!  So for your big tree.  No use?   Then plant it in the wasteland – in emptiness.  Walk idly around it and rest under it’s shadow.  No axe or saw prepares its end.  No one will ever cut it down.   Useless?  You should worry!”

–  Chuang Tzu, The Useless Tree, circa 200 B.C.

Always be fearless. Walk like lion, talk like pigeons, live like elephants and love like an infant child.”

― Santosh Kalwar, Quote Me Everyday

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The bigger the head the bigger the headaches


“Obsessive contemplation of negative thoughts is like playing with fire. ” ― पंडित श्रीराम शर्मा ‘आचार्य’

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“What lies inside a cage of flames? The truth, the heart, but burned up before you can see it. Only traces remain in the ashes, a pattern you guess at or invent, an intangible thing that might leave a mark, but could just as easily blow away.”
― Rene Steinke, The Fires: A Novel

Curses on the garlic ragout!

― Anonymous, The Arabian Nights: Tales from a Thousand and One Nights


“But, look, it is good to have a dream so long as you do not let it gnaw at the substance of your present. I have seen men consumed by their dreams, and it is a sour business. If you cling too tightly to a dream—a poodle bitch or a personal sausage chef or whatever—then you miss the felicity of your heart beating and the smell of the grass growing and the sounds lizards make when you run through the neighborhood with our friend. Your dream should be like a favorite old bone that you savor and cherish and chew upon gently. Then, rather than stealing from you a wasted sigh or the life of an idle hour, it nourishes you, and you become strangely contented by nostalgia for a possible future, so juicy with possibility and redolent of sautéed garlic and decadent slabs of bacon that you feel full when you’ve eaten nothing. And then, one fine day when the sun smiles upon your snout, then the time is right, you bite down hard. The dream is yours. And then you
chew on the next one.”

― Kevin Hearne, Hammered

First you are young, then you are middle aged; then you are old; then you are wonderful

Lady Diana Cooper” ― Marcia Tucker, A Short Life of Trouble: Forty Years in the New York Art World


“She didn’t want to be one of those old ladies obsessed with death, hearing it in every tick of the clock and creak of the floorboards, as if it were prowling around the house like a burglar”

Stewart O’Nan, Emily, Alone

It serves me right for putting all my eggs in one bastard.

Dorothy Parker, You Might as Well Live: The Life and Times of Dorothy Parker


“Ransom could not feel that they were an island of life journeying through an abyss of death. He felt almost the opposite-that life was waiting outside the little iron egg-shell in which they rode, ready at any moment to break in, and that, if it killed them, it would kill them by excess of its vitality.”

C.S. Lewis, Out of the Silent Planet

Those without a leader perish; those without a youthful leader perish; those without a female leader perish; those without many leaders perish. (Sanskrit).


Some person said to the gambler:  “ Oh! Your mother has died." He replied,  “ Bring her by this way.” (Kashmiri). Applied to people who are so absorbed in their work that they are oblivious to other calls of duty and who refuse to turn aside from their occupation even for the most important matters. Their business has taken such a strong hold on them that they can no more leave it than the gambler can leave his game.

"Curiosities in Proverbs: A Collection of Unusual Adages, Maxims, Aphorisms, Phrases and Other …"

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