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Adversity builds character. After a storm, things will stand on more solid ground than they did before.



The waves were breaking on the


The wind was howling near,

And all the ships were safe at


Or tied up to the pier.

Flies will swarm before a storm.

Cicadas can’t vibrate their wings when the humidity is very high, so may be silent when rain is approaching. Flying insects are more active when the air pressure drops and stay closer to the ground, so they seem to be swarming before a rain storm.

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"The fakir upon his bed of nails is happier than is that
Toughness of hide could blunt more ills,
Than can be dodged or fought,
The lesson is well taught.
And happiness, pivoted elate
On peace of mind, health, sleep,
Food kindered, good support like that
Knows to where wounds can creep
Or suddenly sink deep.

Robert D Fitzgerald.  “Glad World”