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“Trouble has a habit of finding me.”

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I '11 example you with thievery : 
The sun's a thief, and with his great attraction 
Robs 'the vast sea ; the moon 's an arrant thief, 
And her pale fire she snatches from the sun ; 
The sea 's a thief, whose liquid surge resolves 
The moon into salt tears ; the earth 's a thief, 
That feeds and breeds by a composture stolen 
From general excrement : each thing 's a thief. 

Life's uncertain voyage

Where did you come from, Baby dear? Out of the everywhere into the here. Where did you get your eyes so blue? Out of the sky as I came through. [George MacDonald (1824-1905), Scottish poet. At the Back of the North Wind

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A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials, heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine, desert us when troubles thicken around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavour by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.  

Washington Irving

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My Cigarette, My Friend I’ve got a bit of sinus My throat’s a little bit dry My lungs are a little bit wheezy But I’m not going to cry.


“Three of the four elements are shared by all creatures, but fire was a gift to humans alone. Smoking cigarettes is as intimate as we can become with fire without immediate excruciation. Every smoker is an embodiment of Prometheus, stealing fire from the gods and bringing it on back home. We smoke to capture the power of the sun, to pacify Hell, to identify with the primordial spark, to feed on them arrow of the volcano. It’s not the tobacco we’re after but the fire. When we smoke, we are performing a version of the fire dance, a ritual as ancient as lightning.”

― Tom Robbins, Still Life With Woodpecker

My cousin loved the violin / and played it gracefully in tune / except when, touching certain chords, / he fell down, shrieked and bit at boards /

Les Murray


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“The moment you tell someone else is the moment you become a whiner and the world’s smallest violin starts to play. The truth is, we all have problems.” 

― J.A. Redmerski, The Edge of Never

And those who ride on the Border side, Albeit they like him not, They know his mettle has oft been tried Where blows were thick and hot.

The Feud: A Border Ballad

by Adam Lindsay Gordon (1833 – 1870)

Australian writer


foto at the nsw queensland border in coolangatta/tweed heads australia

Let us all understand that death is not an eraser. It does not remove the deeds or the meanings that existed in anyone’s life. It does not make poor men rich or great men fallible. And when death comes, let us not romanticize its presence nor the person it takes from us. Let us see death for what it really is: a border that we all must cross; a border that, more than any other, defines the lives we are able to lead. Do not mourn for those who cross over. Rather, reflect on the definition they’ve left behind. It is the only truth we are able to know here on earth. When the definition is great, then celebrate it. When it is lacking, then learn from it and improve on it. And use it to make your own definition more truthful and loving and miraculous.

~Russell Andrews

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There are two insults no human will endure. The assertion that he has no sense of humor and the doubly impertinent assertion that he has never known trouble.

Sinclair Lewis

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Noise is the most impertinent of all forms of interruption. It is not only an interruption, but also a disruption of thought.

Arthur Schopenhauer

Contrary breeze ah mek crow and eagle light on one line.

When there is trouble, enemies are sometimes forced to get together to solve problems.

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We are part of the earth and it is part of us. The perfumed flowers are our sisters; the deer, the horse, the great eagle, these are our brothers.

“Every person is like a single tulip. While they may blend when together, each one is special in its own light.”

  Kessler, Daniella

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“She’s always getting into trouble because she gets bored really really easily.
My mum says it’s because Celia has an attention span the size of a sesame seed.
Celia’s mum says it’s because Celia’s identity is unfurling itself slowly, like a tulip bud, and it’s a breathtakingly beautiful thing to see.”

― Jaclyn Moriarty, Feeling Sorry for Celia

The quality of your recovery is proportional to the quality of your surrender.

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“The reason why many are still troubled, still seeking, still making little forward progress is because they haven’t yet come to the end of themselves. We’re still trying to give orders, and interfering with God’s work within us. ”
A.W. Tozer

Love your neighbour, but don’t pull down the fence. German.


*’TIS well that ev’ry one should know, Something of his next door neighbour; What are his hours of to and fro? — Habits of life, and trade or labour? For, whatever our love of quiet. And our care to keep aloof, If he’s giv’n to drink and riot, Mischief soon may reach our roof. Peaceful neighbours are a treasure .

Life is not all clear sailing in calm waters.


HE is the wisest, who has school’d his mind To adopt the current of the ruling wind. Blow whence it will, prepared for all event, With fortune’s dispensations .e’er content. Who with discernment both in time and place, Bends his opinion with a cheerful grace ; To him unknown the troubles which impart The constant fever of the stubborn heart.

If we dig precious things from the land, we will invite disaster. Indian Proverb


The useful tree was burned along with the poisonous, when the latter took fire simply because of its proximity.

A good man who associates with evil companions will suffer with them when they got into trouble.

"A classified collection of Tamil proverbs"

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