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The sphinx is the riddle, not the riddler. Do you knows what that means? No. Is it a riddle?”

― George R.R. Martin, A Feast for Crows

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“First think of the person who lives in disguise,
Who deals in secrets and tells naught but lies.
Next, tell me what’s always the last thing to mend,
The middle of middle and the end of end?
And finally give me the sound often heard
During the search for a hard-to-find word.
Now string them together, and answer me this,
Which creature would you be unwilling to kiss?”

― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

A wise old owl once lived in a wood, the more he heard the less he said, the less he said the more he heard, let’s emulate that wise old bird.”

― Flann O’Brien, At Swim-Two-Birds

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Pooh had wandered into the Hundred Acre Wood, and was standing in front of what had once been Owl’s house. It didn’t look at all like a house now, it looked like a tree that had been blown down; and as soon as a house looks like that, it is time you tried to find another one.


The paths of greed and vanity will always lead to one’s downfall.”

― Timothy Pina

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When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters–one represents danger and one represents opportunity.

No matter how much you train the wolf, he still looks at the mountains and howls.

Қасқырды қанша асырасаң да тауға қарап ұлиды.
(Qasqırdı qansha asırasaŋ da taūġa qarap uliydı.)

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“He Sat in the window thinking. Man has a tropism for order. Keys in one pocket, change in the other. Mandolins are tuned G D A E. The physical world has a tropism for disorder, entropy. Man against Nature…the battle of the centuries. Keys yearn to mix with change. Mandolins strive to get out of tune. Every order has within it the germ of destruction. All order is doomed, yet the battle is worth while.”

― Nathanael West, Miss Lonelyhearts & The day of the locust

And this mess is so big And so deep and so tall, We cannot pick it up. There is no way at all!

Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat

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Lee Emmett, Australia
WASH, WASH, WASH (Onomatopoeia)

swish, swish, swish
don’t you wish
you could whisk
away the dust
with just a brush
and in a flash
see a shimmer
and a glimmer
in the mirror
it’s such a rush
just flick the
feather duster
bless you

To the thief every bush is a man.

"Bannú: Or Our Afghan Frontier"


on the road he happened to say to himself, I wonder how a blind man finds his way about." And, as there was no one near to tell him, he shut his eyes, and walked on and on until he lost himself.

If problems arise today, I will try to acknowledge them – and then put a little spiritual space between my problems and myself. If I can share them with another person, I will further diminish their power. Recognizing that my life is unmanageable is the first step toward managing it.



When I "let go and let God" everything in my life is manageable!
It’s when I start "Edging God Out" that chaos enters…..

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