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When it rains, it pours.

1 alfa


 foto my alfa in the rain at raleigh 2013

The Rain Gauge

Some metres from the house yard

Stood a galvanized rain gauge
Collecting dust and spiders
To record on history’s page.

Some years it’s been an asset

Rain filling up the gauge
Lost the post beneath it
When over fire did rage

It’s new home a cut off pine tree

A remnant from the fire
It sat there leaning slightly
Some rain it did desire

Funnel spread toward the heavens

Housing beetles dry and hard
The boss cursed and drained it contents
Mostly insects to discard

For mostly it’s been droughty

The rain droplets very few
I suppose those frosty mornings
It’s gathered up the dew

At times it’s measured downpours

Like in Janu’ry last year
When rain poured down in torrents
The creek of gums to clear

The white ants ate that post out

The gauge toppled to the ground
“Bugger all this waiting
I’ll no longer be around!”

by Jenny McInnis