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“It is the sandstorms that shape the stone statues of the desert It is the struggles of life that form a person’s character.”

-Native American Proverb

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“God takes everyone he loves through a desert. It is his cure for our wandering hearts, restlessly searching for a new Eden…
The best gift of the desert is God’s presence… The protective love of the Shepherd gives me courage to face the interior journey.”

― Paul E. Miller, A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World

Age is no guarantee of maturity.

Lawana Blackwell

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God, Grant me the maturity
to accept what I’m feeling
and the courage to correct
the actions that I took
that made me feel this way.             Dallas  B.


I quit being afraid when my first venture failed and the sky didn’t falll down. –

Allen H. Neuharth


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“Life for both sexes — and I looked at them, shouldering their way along the pavement — is arduous, difficult, a perpetual struggle. It calls for gigantic courage and strength. More than anything, perhaps, creatures of illusion as we are, it calls for confidence in oneself. Without self-confidence we are as babes in the cradle.”

― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

“All the pathos and irony of leaving one’s youth behind is thus implicit in every joyous moment of travel: one knows that the first joy can never be recovered, and the wise traveller learns not to repeat successes but tries new places all the time.”

– Paul Fussell

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“As long as we know what it’s about, then we can have the courage to go wherever we are asked to go, even if we fear that the road may take us through danger and pain.”

― Madeleine L’Engle, Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith and Art

She realized with deep respect that this woman had always done what she had to do and faced what she had to face. If many of her fears and burdens would have seemed unreal to another woman, there was nothing unreal about her courage.”

 ― Elizabeth Goudge, The Scent of Water

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“Owen meany who rarely wasted words and who had the conversation-stopping habit of dropping remarks like coins into a deep pool of water… remarks that sank, like truth, to the bottom of the pool where they would remain untouchable.”

― John Irving, A Prayer for Owen Meany

The 1930s, Kennedy said, ‘taught us a clear lesson; aggressive conduct, if allowed to go unchecked and unchallenged, ultimately leads to war

― John F. Kennedy

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“Courage is often associated with aggression, but instead should be seen as a willingness to act from the heart.”

Donna Quesada, The Buddha in the Classroom: Zen Wisdom to Inspire Teachers

What the ear hears not, the heart moves not.


In Gaelic Proverbs there is plain and consistent inculcation of the virtues of Truthfulness. Honesty, Fidelity, Self-restraint, Self-esteem, Sense of Honour, Courage, Caution, in word and deed. Generosity, Hospitality, Courtesy, Peaceableness, Love of Kindred,
Patience, Promptness, Industry, Providence. There are  none to be found excusing or recommending Selfishness,  Cunning, Time-serving, or any other form of vice or


"A collection of Gaelic proverbs and familiar phrases : based on Macintosh’s collection"


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