He longed for the gold bracelets and was caught by the tiger !


The story is told in the Panchatantra. A certain tiger grew too old to hunt

and was dying of hunger, when he thought of a device for securing a meal,

and wove a bracelet of yellow grass round his paw. A Brahman who

came that way saw the bracelet and believing it to be gold, coveted it.

The tiger, who professed intense penitence for all his former sins, declared that he would give the bracelet to the Brahman, if he would take it.

The Brahman led by his avarice approached to take the gift, and was

killed and eaten by the tiger.

"A classified collection of Tamil proverbs"

foto – dinner at the workers’ cottage in raleigh 2010 wintertime

It vanished like the dew (or darkness) that has seen the sun.

"A classified collection of Tamil proverbs"


I watch until it disappears…
then sadness fills me deep ,
I know ‘ the same ‘ won’t come again ,
its glory – I can’t keep.

ay p m-devenish


foto – sunset at the workers’ cottage 2010