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Roosters’ tail feathers: pretty but always behind. Malagasy


Más vale que digan “aquí corrió una gallina” y no “aquí murió un gallo”

It is preferable that people say “here fled a hen” rather than “here died a rooster”.

Better for people to conclude and say you are a coward than that they sing your praises over your dead body. 

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“We listened for a voice crying in the wilderness. And we heard the jubilation of wolves!”

-Durwood L. Allen

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We sincerely regret the manner in which the events unfolded this morning. In the process of being cautious, we allowed the jubilation to go on longer than it should have.

(Ben Hatfield)

Those without a leader perish; those without a youthful leader perish; those without a female leader perish; those without many leaders perish. (Sanskrit).


Some person said to the gambler:  “ Oh! Your mother has died." He replied,  “ Bring her by this way.” (Kashmiri). Applied to people who are so absorbed in their work that they are oblivious to other calls of duty and who refuse to turn aside from their occupation even for the most important matters. Their business has taken such a strong hold on them that they can no more leave it than the gambler can leave his game.

"Curiosities in Proverbs: A Collection of Unusual Adages, Maxims, Aphorisms, Phrases and Other …"

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If your house is burning, there is not time to go hunting. (Priorities are important in planning activities.)



As the world passes by,
they think about life, considering
all the the things that are important
all the things that are simple
and new.

An Afternoon at Snowfall

by Dilawar Karadaghi

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