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They had never had one in the house before. The strangeness of it all. Like unleashing A lion, really. Poised To pounce. A puma. A panther. A black Bear.

Gwendolyn Brooks (b. 1917), U.S. poet. “Bronzeville Woman in a Red Hat.”0 0 0 picturefables00heyw_0079

“Emeth came walking forward into the open strip of grass between the bonfire and the Stable. His eyes were shining, his face was solemn, his hand was on his sword-hilt, and he carried his head high. Jill felt like crying when she looked at his face. And Jewel whispered in the King’s ear, “By the Lion’s Mane, I almost love this young warrior, Calormene though he be. He is worthy of a better god than Tash.”

― C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle