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“The thing I hate most about skeletons is you can never tell when they’re smiling.” ― Stephen Blackmoore, Dead Things

0 0 fairytalesofhans00ande_0201“He had a skull and crossbones label on him, but I drank his poison nevertheless and loved it; now I needed an antidote.”
― Genna Rulon, Only for You


“Wrinkles will only go where the smiles have been. ” ― Jimmy Buffett

0 0 colourphotograph00holm_0077He then whispered to the mother where to go to find a souvenir of her missing daughter, and, when she went, weeping, to the search, she found this bulb, burst into flower, a strange odourless beautiful blossom, decked with fairy gold, and without a soul for what is the scent but the soul of a flower a fit emblem of a denizen of fairyland.