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“He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad.” ― Rafael Sabatini, Scaramouche.

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Lenore: Do you know who this is?
Crowd: Scaramouche!
Lenore: Scaramouche, yes. But who is Scaramouche? And why does he hide his face behind a mask? You don’t know? Then I’ll tell you. Scaramouche is a fool, a genius, a ne’er-do-well, a saint; fickle, adoring, false and true together; woman’s enemy, and the one thing she can’t do without: a man!

I like to sleep In a cosy bed, With a blanket for my feet And a pillow for my head.



“I’ve always envied people who sleep easily. Their brains must be cleaner, the floorboards of the skull well swept, all the little monsters closed up in a steamer trunk at the foot of the bed.”

― David Benioff, City of Thieves