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People, who can’t throw something important away, can never hope to change anything. Armin Arelet (Shingeki no Kyojin)


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“The more pain I train myself to stand, the more I learn. You are afraid of pain now, Unk, but you won’t learn anything if you don’t invite the pain. And the more you learn, the gladder you will be to stand the pain.” 

― Kurt VonnegutThe Sirens of Titan

An alcoholic has been lightly defined as a man who drinks more than his own doctor.

Alvan L. Barach

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“Oh, Mr. Trout…teach us to sing and dance and laugh and cry. We’ve tried to survive so long on money and sex and envy and real estate and football and basketball and automobiles and television and alcohol — on sawdust and broken glass!”

― Kurt Vonnegut, Breakfast of Champions

The spirit of a warrior is not geared to indulging and complaining, nor is it geared to winning or losing. The spirit of a warrior is geared only to struggle, and every struggle is a warrior’s last battle on earth.

Carlos Castaneda

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“I have had some experiences with love, or think I have, anyway, although the ones I have liked best could easily be described as “common decency”. I treated somebody well for a little while, or even for a tremendously long time, and that person treated me well in return. Love need not have anything to do with it.
Love is where you find it. I think it is foolish to go looking for it, and I think it can often be poisonous.
I wish that people who are conventionally supposed to love each other would say to each other, when they fight, “Please – a little less love, and a little more common decency”.”

― Kurt Vonnegut, Slapstick or Lonesome No More!