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“Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet? ― L.M. Montgomery

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around the corner of the house
out of the wind
flowers grow

she has not nurtured them
only the leaking roof
provided water

butterflies gather daily
their wings mixing colour
with the blooms

we spy around the corner
both holding our breath
holding our wind




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Queensland Times (Ipswich) (Qld. : 1909 – 1954), Monday 22 November 1954,

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Queensland Times (Ipswich) (Qld. - 1909 - 1954), Monday 22 November 1954,

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Sustained Exertion

The great Way involves the highest form of exertion, 
which goes on unceasingly in cycles 
from the first dawning of religious truth, 
through the test of discipline and practice, 
to awakening and nirvana. 
It is sustained exertion proceeding without lapse from cycle to cycle. 
Accordingly, it is exertion that is neither self-imposed, nor imposed by others, 
but free and uncoerced. 
The truth is that the benefits of one’s own struggles and sustained exertions 
are shared by all beings in the ten directions. 
Others may not be aware of this, but it is so …

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Defiance may be the roughest path to beauty but, unfortunately, often it is the only path.”

― Debra K. Rodgers, Dear Maymie

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“None of us should be ashamed to speak of our class power or lack of it. Overcoming fear, even the fear of being immodest, and acting courageously to bring issues of class- especially radical standpoints – into the discourse of blackness is a gesture of militant defiance, one that runs counter to bourgeois insistence that we think of “money” in particular and class in general as private matters.”

― Bell Hooks, killing rage: Ending Racism

Minnie L. Haskins. And I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year: Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown. And he replied: Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of God. That shall be to you better than light, and safer than a known way.

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Five Senses

Now my five senses
gather into a meaning
all acts, all presences;
and as a lily gathers
the elements together,
in me this dark and shining,
that stillness and that moving,
these shapes that spring from nothing,
become a rhythm that dances,
a pure design.

Judith Wright.


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foto – xmas 09 in bello.

Let us lay aside every weight, and run with patience the race that is set before us. — Heb. xii. 1.


Come all young men and maidens, do bad company forsake,
If tongue can tell our overthrow, it would make your heart to ache;
You girls, I pray, be ruled by me, your wicked ways give o’er,
For fear, like us, you spend your days upon Van Diemen’s shore.

Miss Sarah Collins
Lament 19th century Australian Poem.


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Edith Wharton It spite of illness, in spite even of the archenemy sorrow, one can remain alive long past the usual date of disintegration if one is unafraid of change, insatiable in intellectual curiosity, interested in big things, and happy in a small way.



The toughest skin holds longest out. Cumberland.

He that tholes [endures] overcomes. Scotch.

"A collection of the proverbs of all nations"

foto- father and son on nsw/qld border 2008

Don’t ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up. G. K. Chesterton

The Great Prince of Paradox


”Mending Wall,” Frost.

Something there is that doesn’t love a wall.”

Something there is that doesn’t love a wall,
That sends the frozen-ground-swell under it,
And spills the upper boulders in the sun,
And makes gaps even two can pass abreast.
The work of hunters is another thing:
I have come after them and made repair
Where they have left not one stone on a stone,
But they would have the rabbit out of hiding,
To please the yelping dogs. The gaps I mean,
No one has seen them made or heard them made,
But at spring mending-time we find them there.
I let my neighbour know beyond the hill;
And on a day we meet to walk the line
And set the wall between us once again.
We keep the wall between us as we go.
To each the boulders that have fallen to each.
And some are loaves and some so nearly balls
We have to use a spell to make them balance:
‘Stay where you are until our backs are turned!’
We wear our fingers rough with handling them.
Oh, just another kind of out-door game,
One on a side. It comes to little more:
There where it is we do not need the wall:
He is all pine and I am apple orchard.
My apple trees will never get across
And eat the cones under his pines, I tell him.
He only says, ‘Good fences make good neighbours’.
Spring is the mischief in me, and I wonder
If I could put a notion in his head:
‘Why do they make good neighbors? Isn’t it
Where there are cows?
But here there are no cows.
Before I built a wall I’d ask to know
What I was walling in or walling out,
And to whom I was like to give offence.
Something there is that doesn’t love a wall,
That wants it down.’ I could say ‘Elves’ to him,
But it’s not elves exactly, and I’d rather
He said it for himself. I see him there
Bringing a stone grasped firmly by the top
In each hand, like an old-stone savage armed.
He moves in darkness as it seems to me~
Not of woods only and the shade of trees.
He will not go behind his father’s saying,
And he likes having thought of it so well
He says again, "Good fences make good neighbors."

foto – bilambil cottage 2009