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A gentle hand may lead the elephant with a hair. Persian Rosary.

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Jumbo – Poem by Kevin Patrick

Sixteen stones tones of Sumo Wrestler
Ober hooligan as a basket of puppies
His obsessions were key chains and pizza
And he could play a really mean tuba
He was Jumbo

His closest friend was a foulmouthed red squirrel
Who lived in a lodge by a shallow blue marsh
He taught him how to fight using drunken panda judo
Wearing red tights and aviator goggles
He was Jumbo

In the wastelands of high school hallways
Where everyone’s a mutation of some kind
He was the greatest of all the super heroes
cause he never cared if they called him a zero
He was Jumbo

He never could soar at a Mach speed of five
Or peer with Catskills of infrared vision
But he could be relied on to be a good guy
Playing a billion tunes with a two note Tuba
He was Jumbo

‘And if you want to believe in a god
then believe in yourself
And if you want to fight for what is good
Then simply live what it means to be’

Says My Darling Jumbo